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Clothing speaks volumes in Jane Austen's Regency Novels

A delightful show-and-tell on the clothing of Regency England as reflected in Jane Austen's fiction. Includes dressing "Elizabeth Bennet' & 'Mr. Darcy,' and readings from Miss Austen's letters and novels.

While dressed in authentic Regency attire, Ms. Carle gives a detailed overview of the clothing of the Regency Era, (early 1800s) for both gentlemen and ladies. Then Ms Carle shares excerpts from Austen's personal letters as well as passages from some of the novels, highlighting Miss Austen's use of clothing and fashion to define character & class, enhance story line, and develop plot points. Teens through adults will enjoy discovering just how important fashion was 200 years ago!

Ms. Carle has been presenting historical programs since 1992, from Regency to Edwardian (1800-1915), and draws on her extensive background in theatre, dance and historical fashion to engage and enthrall the audience!

The way you capture and hold
an audience’s attention is one of my favorite things to watch,
and it was more meaningful because you were speaking about
Jane Austen, our beloved patroness.


What would Jane Austen wear?

What would Jane Austen wear?


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