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  Your grace, humor and exquisite Victorian clothing will be long remembered

  You had the entire audience enthralled for the duration of your performance, waiting to see which direction you would take us in next

  Thank you for sharing your expertise as an actress and your knowledge and enthusiasm as a fashion historian with us



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Kandie Carle

Kandie Carle gives a performance of The Victorian Lady

Kandie Carle has been working in the theatre since 1980 as an actress, dancer and singer throughout the US and abroad. Her performance resume covers the spectrum from Shakespeare to Musical Comedy. Kandie lives in East Haddam CT and does a variety of acting and theatre events throughout the area, including vintage dancing demonstrations.

Ms. Carle created this one-woman show in 1996. She has shared her passion for history with audiences at venues including Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz NY, Victoria Mansion in Portland Maine, Mark Twain House Museum in Hartford CT, the Cosmopolitan Club in NY City, the national Pierce Arrow Antique Car Club, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn New York, the Westgate Hotel in San Diego CA, and the Yacht Club of Savannah GA.

The presentation is not a fashion show, rather, Ms. Carle takes her audience on a journey of discovery by using clothing and accessories as a tool. She dresses in layer upon layer of the clothing of the chosen period and as each piece is added, she explains how it was worn, as well as when and where it was appropriate. Throughout the presentation she shares insights into the clothing, lifestyle, manners, etiquette and customs of men, women and children. Included are interesting anecdotes and ‘myth busting’. The performance is full of audience interaction, and edited for those in attendance.

Ms. Carle has assembled a vast collection of authentic Victorian and Edwardian clothing and accessories dating from the mid-nineteenth century to the turn of the twentieth century. Also an accomplished seamstress, she recreates pieces from actual designs and patterns of the Civil War, Victorian and Edwardian periods. With many years of research in social history and fashion along with humor and grace, Ms. Carle shares her love of these eras with her audiences.

She is also Artistic Director of the East Haddam Stage Company,, which, among other projects, offers the touring show "They Called Me Lizzy... From Slavery to the White House". Ms. Carle wrote and directed this one-woman history program on the life of Elizabeth Keckly who was dressmaker and confidante to Mary Todd Lincoln.

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